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A Great Day Off

Pray for our team as we tour and relax.


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Bogota At Night

Bogota is a beautiful place at night. Our last class for the week is about to begin. Teachers are giving personal testimonies. Pray for us.


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At Your Service

The church that hosts our team while we are in Bogota takes very good care of our team. Our rooms are comfortable and clean. We are well fed. Almost any request that we have seems to effortlessly happen. There are a group of volunteers from the church that wear blue jackets with the word “servidor” on the back. The word simply means “server.” These wonderful people help us with many things to make sure the English school operates smoothly. There are about twenty of them and I would not want to try to have this school without them. They are faithful servants of their church and our team. I rarely see one of them without a smile. Pictured below are Daniel, Ruby and Fabio. Please pray for them as they assist us for the time that we are in Bogota. We love them and it is obvious that they love us.


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Happy, Happy, Happy

One of the great things about serving in Bogota, Colombia is the happy people. Obviously they have the same cares of the world and struggles as North Americans. In many ways our lifestyles are the same. That can be both positive and negative. But, in the middle of a city that has nearly 9,000,000 people, we get to see over 300 people that seem to be happy when they are with us for a few hours each day. They also make us happy. Happiness is infectious. Pass it along.

Pray for our team as our bodies battle fatigue, aches and pains.


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English, English and More English

Teachers are energetically teaching and students are participating with great enthusiasm. From each class one can hear English being spoken at all levels.

As more and more English is taught at our school barriers are eliminated and relationships grow. Pray for teachers to teach with clarity and patience. Pray for perseverance and understanding for our students.


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