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There’s No Place Like Home

God did great things in Bogota. Our team was amazing. We were all glad to go and we are all glad to be home.


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Hanging in Houston

We thank God for getting us safely to Houston and looking forward to getting into NOLA.

Our prayers go out to the people in San Francisco right now.


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Fireworks..Sort Of

Yesterday our team put an exclamation point on our English school. It was a great finish with all types of emotions. One team member said, “I am always happy to come to Bogota and I am always happy to go home.” That is a great way to look at a mission trip. Enjoy what God allows you to do and celebrate when you are allowed to go home to those you love.

Yesterday was Independence Day at home. Interestingly enough Colombia celebrates it’s independence from Spain on July 20. We weren’t able to see any fireworks but in the photo below a Colombian bank building gave some of us a momentary celebration and we were grateful.

God bless America and God bless Colombia.


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Herding Squirrels

English school graduation day in Bogota, Colombia is always fun and exciting. It is the culmination of two weeks if hard work, long days and meaningful encounters with both new and familiar friends. There are farewell parties in every class and a ceremony that honors the accomplishment of each student.

You have probably heard and/or used the idiom “herding cats.” On graduation in Bogota it is much more like “herding squirrels.” Students don’t want their parties to end and when we finally finish the graduation ceremony there is a scramble to get personal photos made with teachers and fellow students. It is organized chaos. It is also very fun and very meaningful.

Our students have been great and our team members are able to see in a very personal way the results of pouring themselves into the lives of people in the name of Jesus Christ. This team has been blessed.


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Ready To Graduate

Students are about to attend the final classes of our English school. Graduation and celebration parties are tomorrow. Pray for all of us as we share a great time with our students.


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