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Message from Delhi

Below is a message from one of the team members.

We are in Delhi and awaiting our flight home. We leave in about 3 hours. Please pray for safety in travel. The team is tired, but excited about our journey home. We had a great trip.

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God Is In India

Sorry for the lack of posts. There was a technical difficulty with the blog.

Please continue to pray that people will be reached as the medical camps reach different communities. Pray for the team’s health and stamina as they offer hope through their word, smiles and physical touch. Pray that God speaks to the members of the team as they carry out His mission in each community. Over the next couple of days they expect to see 300 to 400 more people that desperately need the hand of God on their bodies and souls.


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In the Middle of the Night

In India, as this is posted, it is what we refer to as “the middle of the night.” Pray for our team as they try to get some sleep. They have an exciting but long day tomorrow as they host the first medical clinic of the trip. Pray for much needed rest tonight, energy tomorrow and a great medical clinic that helps, heals and blesses all who show up.

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Medical Clinic Preparation

Today the team has made it to the city of Lucknow. Lucknow is the largest city in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and the second largest city in northern India behind New Delhi. It is early evening in India and the team is preparing for the first medical clinic in the morning. Please pray for our team and all of the people they will come into contact with as they serve. Pray that all of the people who come for help will hear, see and feel the love of our Lord Jesus Christ from the team.


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10 and 1/2 Hours

India is ten and one half hours ahead of of Central Standard Time. So as this message is posted on October 17 at 7:25am it is 5:55pm in India. The team will land in New Delhi in about two and one half hours or 8:35pm in India. Please keep them in your prayers. Pray that they are able to rest and get acclimated to the local time. Pray for them to have good health and to be used by God to heal, share, grow and teach. Stay tuned for more news and information.


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