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Is God At Work In Uganda?

Babi Kasadha Emmanuel (Emma), of Kampala, Uganda is speaking right now at FBC Covington. Read a brief bio and testimony below.

“I am Babi Kasadha Emmanuel from Uganda. I am the founder of Pro-Life Ministries and Care Medical Centre.

I was born into a Muslim family. My father had 10 wives and many concubines. He produced 50 children and in 1991 he died of HIV/AIDS. Life was full of misery, poverty and rejection.

In 2006, I accepted Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. I became so eager to learn the Bible and more about the hope I had got in Jesus after 20 years of being a Muslim. I learned more about love and I became eager to share this loving Jesus I had got with many people in our community.

In 2010, God called me to start a Christian organization, Pro-Life Ministry and Care Medical Centre, to reach out to orphans, widows, vulnerable children and women through the gospel of HOPE.

God has been so gracious to us. We have started several initiatives like Passion Christian Assembly church, Care Medical Centre, Pregnancy Centre, Mercy Ministry, Living Hope and Sponsor-A-Child Program. We are praying to God about starting a school.”

YES!! God is working in Uganda. See more about this ministry at the following link.


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