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New Year’s Eve Uganda

We get to celebrate the new year nine hours early while in Uganda. Our team members are celebrating by preparing crafts for Vacation Bible School tomorrow.  


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Organized Chaos

Our team in Uganda began the day together with breakfast and a word from God. We got into the village this morning to find a few hundred people waiting for us. After introductions and greetings our first time of teaching Vacation Bible School began. 

Sorting out classes was a bit of a challenge. It was organized chaos. The village church is still in its infancy and has never hosted a VBS. It took a bit of time to get everyone in their places but once done we had a good result. 

Our leaders taught through the creation and the fall of man. The kids were able to do relevant crafts and have fun. A group of teenagers were even introduced to the game of kickball. 

Please pray for our team. The combination of fatigue and hot weather is sometimes difficult to work through. Pray for our health, that we can rest, and give the people in the village our best.  


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Uganda #1

Our journey began early Monday and after a long day and half of flying we made it to Uganda. Pray for our team as we travel inside the country to get to the village where we will work. The team is well and full if anticipation for what God has in store for us.  


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