Total Team Effort

Almost anyone can hop on a plane and go to do good works. The question is, who are you doing the good work for?  We always go in the name that is above all names, Jesus Christ. It takes a total team effort to complete the mission and this team has done a great job. Thank you. 

Please pray as we travel back tomorrow.  We will miss all of our friends in Prague. We love all of you. 


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Red Beans & Ricely Yours

Our team had a wonderful evening spending time and sharing red beans and rice with people from the Repy district of Prague. 

The local church sponsored an event for Czech people to attend and have the opportunity to speak English with our team. The hope is that spiritual relationships will begin that lead toward a relationship with Jesus. 

Our team participated in activities that centered around south Louisiana and culminated with our Czech friends being able to try a serving of red beans and rice. 

Please pray for the church in Repy as they try to build relationships with the people they were able to meet last night. 

Pray for our team tonight as we host another event in the Barrandov area of Prague.  


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Pray For Bogota, Colombia

Please remember our friends in Bogota, Colombia in prayer today. In particular please pray for Iglesia Bautista Central and the people that God will introduce us to as FBC Covington travels there in June 2015.

Two recent quotes about short term mission trips to Bogota:

“That was, by far, the best two weeks of my year. God showed me so many things. I’m going back.”

“The people in Bogota are incredible. The two weeks went by so fast and I found it so hard to leave to come home. I never expected to feel like that. God did great things and people were saved. I love that place.”


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Great Days, Keys & Mosquitoes

Our team has had great days of work here so far. We have one more day of work in villages. The pastor conference finished well. About 100 people attended, all in different stages of leadership. Rock Kendrick and Casey saw about 100 people over two days at the small medical camp adjacent to training facility.

Yesterday we went to a remote village outside Sitapur. The good news was shared with a ever-swelling number of people. The village was very welcoming and accommodating. We had one issue though: the driver locked our keys in the car and darkness was soon approaching. I had to go old school with a coat hanger and pull the lock. That was a hard task since I had a pressing crowd around me, many of which had great ideas as to what to do and wanted to tell me in Hindi. I smiled and reminded them in piglatin they have never done this before. Our journey back to the facility was delayed, but safe. We even beat the mosquito invasion that comes out at dusk.

Good nights rest last night and am looking forward to our last day in the villages.



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It’s Happening In India

We are doing well. We leave today to go worship at the church in Sitapur. We visited two villages yesterday and shared with those in the villages the good news. We were well received. Tomorrow we begin two days of pastoral seminars. We will then spend two more days visiting villages. Casey and Rock are doing well, each contributing to the time of outreach.

The new vehicle is awesome and still looks new despite super-heavy traffic yesterday and several near misses with cars, trucks, people and cows. No worries, just everyday occurrences on the streets of India.

Please continue to pray for our team.


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