Last Day But What A Day!!

It may take us some time to process today’s events. The day began with a visit to a center for special needs children. It is next door to our hotel. We spoke with the occupational therapist and he gave us a tour. The children seem very well taken care of and they appear to be doing a lot with very little. Most of the children are kids with Down Syndrome and autism. They only asked for our prayers.

Next we visited African Hearts School. It is designated a model school in academics, operation and achievement scores. That is not the best part. All children are taught that God loves them and they receive daily instruction from the Bible. This school is led by our friend Lutaya whose story you may have read in an earlier post. He also took us to two boys’ homes that his ministry runs. These homes help boys from the streets straighten out their lives and in some cases reunite with their families. We were also able to go to the slums where the boys come from. One of our team members gave testimony and we got to help feed about 80 boys anywhere from eight to twenty years old.

Please pray for us as we leave to fly home in a few hours.


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New Life

Our team had a great morning of worship with a local church in one of the local churches in Kampala. After experiencing some exciting and wonderful music one of our team members delivered the morning message. The Lord blessed the church with five new believers. Please pray for these new followers of Christ and also for Passion Christian Assembly. They are meeting needs in many ways.

Tomorrow our team will work with African Hearts Community Ministry serving food to some of the poorest of the poor.


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Quality Teachers

The photograph in this post is of some of the teachers that will begin teaching at the new school in the village of Lamwo where we spent the last few days. These ladies have hearts for children and are Christ followers. Please pray for them. Along with the school, a new church will begin in their community. The village has never had a church or school. God is great!!


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Born Again

Below is our new friend. He was born into a Muslim family and left home at a very early age. After some very difficult years on the streets someone introduced him to Jesus Christ and he was born again. God has called him into social ministry. He is the founder of African Hearts Ministry and is it’s director. This ministry reaches out to over 600 students through it’s school and touches the lives of many street boys who are in crisis. When you meet him there is no doubt that he belongs to Jesus.

When I met him he introduced himself as Lataya Hussein Born Again. He told me that he always does this because his surname communicates that he is Muslim. His chosen surname “Born Again” communicates who he is and what he is now. You can find out about his ministry at the link below.


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Uganda April 10, 2014

Two lost bags and one damaged vehicle later our time in Uganda is going great. Today we spent time in a village populated by a tribe called the Acholi. The sending agency, Engage Hope, is helping to build a school there that will open in May. The team was able to go throughout different parts of the village sharing the Gospel at their homes and share with a large group in the middle of all the mud huts. The local pastors are very excited. The people in the village are also excited to see that the school will begin on time and a church will begin along with it.

Please pray for our team and in particular pray for our team members from Texas. They learned a very good friend passed away.


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