Introduction to David’s ministry

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Heading Home

Leaving wonderful friends behind in Uganda 🇺🇬 today. God is great and always faithful. Pray for us as we travel home. 

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It Takes a Partnership 

It takes a partnership. Yesterday’s post featured our Uganda 🇺🇬 mission team from FBC Covington but today I want to introduce you to our entire team. Physicians and nurses from Uganda partnered with us in addition to other local Christians. The love of Christ compelled all of us to work together in His name to bring physical and spiritual hope to Lamwo. God is great. 

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It Takes a Team

It takes a team. Our FBC Covington Uganda mission team has been just that, a team. The words that come to mind right now for them are GODLY, caring, compassionate, motivated, loving, and kind. God has been present as we have served in northern Uganda. He has done great things. Please pray as we begin our journey home. 

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Faith Sharing

Forty people going out in our church community to share their faith, love St. Tammany Parish, and follow Christ in obedience. Pray as the team goes. #fbccov 


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